Firstly I would like to thank everyone who supported Marker Eki last year in 2020 it was an unexpected ride and I am glad to be on the other side, without your help Marker Eki wouldn`t have made it out.

2020 saw Marker Eki move from the Bigcartel platform to Shopify which has allowed smoother browsing, shopping, checkout and is an easier platform to keep up to date with. The rapid spread of Covid-19 brought shipping from Japan to a halt for around 8 months but the remaining four months proved to be the best yet for Marker Eki! Currently Marker Eki can ship to AUSTRALIA, USA, EUROPE and a handful of other countries by Airmail through Japan Post, currently expected delivery times are within 14 days.

The top 5 bestselling and popular markers of 2020 were;

  • Magic Ink Glass Body Marker
  • Uni PX30 Paint Marker
  • Sakura Solid Paint Marker
  • Magic Ink 60ml ink Refill and;
  • 3mm Chisel Tip White Out Marker

The `2020 TOP5 Marker Pack` is now available for AUD$21.50 and features one (1) of each bestselling marker, colours are random unless specified in the notes at checkout. This Pack will be available for the month of February to celebrate Marker Eki`s 3rd year.

We are well into February 2021 so here is the run down of what to expect this month for Marker Eki`s 3rd birthday and what is coming up later this year.

To get started the store will be completely restocked next week. Current popular and sold out items such as will be restocked;

  • Sakura Solid Paint Markers
  • Magic Ink Ink Refills
  • Magic Ink Glass Body Markers
  • Magic Ink Metal Head Markers
  • Magic Ink Extra Broad Markers
  • Magic Ink Ganko Solid Paint Markers
  • Pentel White 100W
  • Pentel Paint Markers
  • Artline Ultra Broad 30mm Permanent Markers
  • UNI PX20s

New products such as Pentel White Out Classic (12ml) and Square type (18ml) available in Japanese domestic blister type packaging and Sakura Slim Solids with three limited colour variants will be added to the regular rotation of stocked products.  

Right now Marker Eki has taken the following Marker Packs down from the store and is reworking them to include new markers, a better variety and ensure the best markers are available at the best prices. New Marker Packs will also be added to the rotation. Sakura Slim Solid Paint Markers will also be available in `Discounted Bulk Order` packs of 5 and 11.

  • Japanese Sampler Marker Pack (one size only)
  • Pentel Marker Pack
  • Magic Ink Marker Pack (One size only)
  • White Out Marker Pack
  • Sakura Solid Marker Pack

To celebrate the third year of Marker Eki `Eggshell Sticker – 75 Packs` will be discounted all month and Magic Ink Glass Body Markers will be free with all orders if an Eggshell Sticker Pack is purchased. Just use the code `MARKEREKI3` at checkout, as many times as you like. Also all orders placed this month, February 2021 have the chance to win a `Marker Eki Eggshell sticker – 75 Pack and Uni PX30 Marker Pack`. Winner will be announced in early March 2021.

As of April 2021 Japan Post will increase the price of shipping for all international mail to all regions. Customers located in Australia, Europe and Canada will only see a small increase in costs for orders however customers located in the United States of America will see a large rise in the price of shipping. This is due to the American Government imposing stricter requirements for screening of outgoing international mail before it leaves the country of origin. Japan Post has decided to create a new regional category for only USA and the costing reflects the increased burden. More updates and announcement of the shipping prices will be provided closer to 1st April 2021. Currently Standard economy Airmail, the cheapest method of shipping is still suspended and unlikely to resume anytime soon.

Included for FREE with all orders are Tokyo subway maps, marker design packaging, Marker Eki sticker packs and flyers. The more you order the more you get.

Get in quick to secure your markers and if you have any questions please contact Marker Eki.

Thanks for your support!!