Marker Eki based in Tokyo, Japan is all about documenting, reviewing and supplying quality Japanese markers and marking supplies. This new website and blog is a source of information for those who are interested in all things related to Japanese markers and want more information, reviews and opinions.

New articles will not only give more information on the markers available at Marker Eki but also document marker hunting and stationery store ranges in Japan, vintage markers, Tokyo graffiti and anything else marker related.

Marker Eki started ‘Supplying quality Japanese markers to Australia’ in March 2018 and is by no means one of the more popular online graffiti stores. However you will find no European, American or Australian brand markers here, just quality Japanese marking supplies from leading Japanese stationery brands such as Magic Ink, Pentel, Pilot, Sakura, Shachihata Artline and Uni.

Everyone knows the quality of Japanese markers whether it be indestructible nibs, smooth flowing chrome or marker durability and versatility. This has inspired alot of imitations and knockoffs the world over but nothing beats the original Japanese quality.

Marker Eki is continuing to grow more popular and become more than a hobby. Most people don’t realize that Marker Eki is a one man show and I run it, create content and ship orders in between work and on my commutes. I pride myself in the customer service provided and always looking for new markers to stock and offer at affordable prices. I will continue to be active on Instagram and make interesting articles regularly.

Marker Eki is based in Tokyo, Japan and supplies quality Japanese marking supplies to Australia at affordable prices. All markers are sourced from suppliers in Japan with shipping costs starting at AUD$4.00. All orders are shipped by Standard Economy Airmail from Tokyo, Japan.